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Killer Hogs Barbecue Sponsorship

A barbecue sponsorship is an all-access pass to the best audience in the world - people who will adopt you as their own and actually look forward to interacting with your company and brand.

The love affair with barbecue is growing… and here are some serious numbers to back it up.

  • The barbecue industry represents nearly 3 billion dollars in retail sales annually.

  • Over 66,200,000 people have barbecued in the past year.

  • Competition Barbeque is the fastest growing sport in the United States with more and more people attending and participating in competition BBQ events than ever before.

In short, BBQ is really hot right now.

And by sponsoring the right BBQ team, companies are discovering they get a lot of bang for their marketing buck.

When you sponsor The Killer Hogs, you are getting a multi-level marketing outlet.

You get the benefit of having both face-to-face exposure through numerous barbecue competitions in cities all across the nation, while still receiving engagement and world-wide brand recognition through:

We work hard to be one of the most visible barbecue teams in the country. And because of this our sponsors enjoy a heavy amount of market-place attention.

Plus, we’re pretty great at Public Relations too...

Not only do we give lots of interviews, write guest blog posts and constantly work to stay in touch with local and national media outlets… but we also have the reputation of being one of the most approachable teams in the barbecue world.

We love talking to people, love promoting the sport, and are constantly sharing our secrets.

killer hogs sponsroship stats

The following numbers are from June 2012:

HowToBBQRight Website (1 month stats)

bbq sponsorship

Killer Hogs Website (1 month stats)

bbq sponsorship

bbq sponsroship

HowToBBQRight YouTube (1 month stats)

barbecue sponsorship

Killer Hogs YouTube (1 month stats)

barbecue sponsorship

If you want stats from different months - or stats from our social media, just email me and ask!

killer hogs barbecue sponsorship
  • We have built a strong brand and established recognized personalities in the barbecue world. 

  • We do all our web & graphic design in-house.

  • We have a Strong Social Media Presence, where we promote our sponsors and drive traffic to your pages.

  • We write personal reviews, give updates and utilize our blog to promote our sponsors.

  • We create unique content and recipes for our sponsor’s own websites, social media pages and various promotions.

  • We promote your brand and products at barbecue competitions all across the country through banner placement, displays, face-to-face engagement as well as passing out product, samples and coupons.

  • We utilize our weekly “HowToBBQRight” newsletter to promote sponsors (and link to their pages).

  • We have shot commercials, created YouTube videos and recorded radio spots for sponsors.

  • We have done numerous guest spots on radio talk shows, news broadcasts and we’ve even been featured on Food Network and in Men’s Journal Magazine (plus we’re always networking and making the right connections in order to do more).

  • We write guest posts on numerous high-traffic websites and submit articles to both local and national publications.

  • We want to build a relationship with you and work together to create a custom marketing plan with defined levels of commitment.
killer hogs barbecue sponsorship

Killer Hogs Sponsorship

Sponsorship bbq


sponsorship for barbecue

We grew up around barbecue...

For us it was always a family affair, mostly because it was the cornerstone of any get-together.

We have deep, rural roots that were planted firmly in very traditional, true “southern-style” barbecue.

We were introduced to the competition side of BBQ when we were in our early twenties. But back then, having a good time took precedence over cooking… and have a good time we did. Then one day we got lucky and won something…

From that moment on, we decided to take these contests seriously. And that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 13 years.

We’ve perfected our techniques and recipes. We’ve traveled thousands of miles cooking in small towns and big cities. We’ve amassed hundreds of trophies and we compete in dozens of contests yearly.

We’ve become one of the top Competition BBQ teams in the country.

And from that, we’ve built a business.

But in true Killer Hogs fashion, we are doing things a little different…

The heart of our business is to take our love of barbecue, along with our experience and knowledge, and share it with everyone - from the backyard BBQ’er, to a competition cook, to a restaurant owner. We want everyone with a desire to have the resources they need to take their barbecue to a whole, new level.

We don’t believe in just selling a BBQ product, we believe in sharing our recipes, techniques and our style of barbecue. And this is how we came to develop our entire business strategy.

Through our two website, and we freely give bbq cooks access to all our recipes, tons of videos, tips, tricks… we even send out a weekly BBQ newsletter.

Now we not only have a business, but a brand that is internationally recognized and synonymous with barbecue.

And after 13 years of work, we’re just getting started…

killer hogs barbecue sponsorship

By partnering with the Killer Hogs you become a member of our family.  We make it our business to promote your brand, and our commitment is strongly based in wholesome, family values.

Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, we’re positive that we can design a strategy that fits into your Marketing Program. 

Malcom Reed
Killer Hogs BBQ
(901) 502-8353

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